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  • 2019 Says 62% Of Customers Prefer Content Through Email

  • 94% of small business marketers use email marketing.

Email Marketing & Outreach Management

Types Of Email

  • Newsletter

  • Invites

  • Promotions & Value Offers

  • Cold Outreach

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Content Letters

  • Latest News, Releases, Products, Services

  • Surveys

  • Follow-Ups

  • General Emails To Your Network, Audience Or Leads

Benefits Of Outreach & Email

  • Create Potential Partnerships

  • Convert Leads Into Buying  From You Or Taking Action With Your Business

  • Remind Audience Of Latest News & Offers.

  • Establish Personal Connections

  • Easy Tracking Allows For Better Results In Generating More Customers Or Audience By Adjusting Strategy

  • Increase Sales For Your Business

  • Increase Customers For Your Business

  • Budget Efficient

What Does Email Marketing & Outreach Management Generally Include?

  • Create carefully targeted email campaigns

  • Personalized emails to best fit who you're reaching out to

  • Track for opens, clicks, number counts, times & if it's been shared.

  • Avoid Spam

  • Optimize your emails for mobile

  • Craft quality subject lines

  • Create strong Call To Actions (CTA)

  • Reach out to cold leads

  • Reach out to other business for partnership opportunities

  • Send offers, coupons, & deals.

  • Offer limited-time value

  • Move leads to close through nurturing

  • Consistent communication or outreach schedule

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