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Social Media Marketing Management

Social Media is very important for ALL businesses who want to succeed & grow. This is the gate to growth & engaging with your audience & those who are interested in your products or services as well as keeping in touch & communicating with previous customers who are likely to be a repeat especially if you're keeping in touch, offering value, & staying top of mind with them.

  • As of 2019 an estimated 80% of Americans have social media.

  • 45% of the entire world have social media accounts.

  • 73% of marketers say social media marketing is very effective for generating leads & increasing sales.

What Social Media Marketing Management Can Do For You & Your Business.

  • Communicate directly to your target audience

  • Spread awareness for your brand & establish. yourself as a leader in your industry.

  • Generate qualified leads

  • Generate traffic to your website.

  • Connect to new customers

  • Engage with your audience & build strong relationships.

  • Get customers/audience engaged with your business & get excited to share your content.


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  • Facebook

  • Linkedin

Generally What Does Social Media Marketing/Management Include?

  • Custom Strategy Implementation

  • Custom Content Creation

  • Content Management & Posting Schedule

  • Engagement, DM’s/Messaging

  • Lead Gen & Cultivation

  • Research Competitors

  • URL/Link Customization

  • Send Leads To Sign-Up Form For Email List

  • Create Lead Magnets

  • Networking & Influencer Marketing

  • Lead Generation Tactics

  • Promotions & Offers 

  • Contests To Engage Your Customers & Urge Them To Send Others To Your Site & Take Action With Your Business.

  • Tracking & Analytics

  • More Strategies & Services Are Offered Which Will Be Discussed In Your Discovery Call

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